Hangberg Zero Waste (H0W?)

On Mandela Day in 2016 a group of Hangberg, Hout Bay residents organised a 67min meeting to discuss how to clean up their area with the intention of creating a business opportunity for a motivated group. This meeting lead to the unfolding of a long held vision of bringing the community together through practical action around waste management and education, seeing waste as a resource rather than a liability.

With the support of the City of Cape Town via the Hout Bay Partnership and the support and mentoring of Thrive Hout Bay the Hangberg Zero Waste Pilot Project (H0W) was initiated.

Team H0W? Hangberg Zero Waste

In early December 2016, 12 Eco Heroes (local Hangberg Residents) committed to H0W? have taken on the task of each educating 20 Hangberg households in U & V Block Residential Area to sort their daily waste into 3 categories – clean recyclable waste, compostable waste (vegetable material) and landfill waste. Once sorted at households, the “resource” will be delivered to the Eco Hero’s temporary storage and then on to the central sorting area for collection. Each Eco Hero will receive a stipend for their involvement.

Some of the 12 Eco Heroes already participate in recycling at the Bay Harbour Market where the number of Black Wheelie bins of waste to Landfill has been reduced from 33 to 7! Five resultant Jobs have been created through this.

At the Sorting area the recyclables will be sorted into the main waste categories (paper, plastic ,cardboard, glass etc.) and kept in large bags for collection by Neopack Recycling.  Funds received for the recycled material will be used by the H0W group to develop further skills and functions.

At the sorting area the compostable food waste will be collect 3 times a week and taken to an area for composting .The Ubuntu Urban farmers will make compost from the organic material will sell bags of compost at the weekly Thrive Farmers Market. The landfill waste will be collected as usual by the CoCT contractors.

The funding received from the City via the HB Partnership is a small amount which will only cover the cost of stipends for those involved and we are therefore appealing for assistance with procuring the following items:-

  • 2500 x Clear Plastic Bags for Recycling
  • 25 x 20 l plastic buckets/bins with sealable lids
  • 200 x  5 litre Ice Cream bakkies
  • 20 x heavy duty Gloves
  • Fencing and roofing for the sorting area
  • 20 x T Shirts with Hangberg Zero Waste logo
  • Printing of Posters and educational leaflets

The aim of the project is to educate households in the pilot area about wise waste management, demonstrating that waste is a resource which will result in clean, green and a safe environment.

We look forward to hearing from you as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the project with you to find ways for you to be involved.
H0W? Hangberg Zero Waste Pilot Project leaders

Ronelle Williams | 079 564 9360

John Colclough    | 082 089 0158