Peoples Potato Project (PPP)

Naomi Julius shows learners how to plant seed potatoes in first layer of tyres.

This project has recently been piloted at the Hout Bay High, Sentinel Schools and with the Hangberg Herwin Ladies. Tyres are being delivered from a local service station which are filled with mulch/ sand mix and four seed potatoes planted in each tyre.

As the potato plant grows, tyres are placed one on top of the other to a max of 5 tyres and sand placed inside the tyres surrounding the potato stem.

After about 2 months the plant dies and the potatoes will be harvested. It is said that each vertical bed of potatoes inside the tyre could produce a pocket of potatoes.

Hout Bay High learners plant potatoes in tyres at break as they pilot the Peoples Potato Project in Hangberg.