Zero Waste Hout Bay

Some of Thrive’s key members have been instrumental in a local recycling project called Zero Waste.

As a first step to a Zero Waste community – Hout Bay’s goal is to not throw recyclable waste to landfill and recycle it instead. We are using the approach each one teach one to achieve this goal.

We are a volunteer group of environmental activists. Our focus is the encouragement of waste reduction and wise waste management. In our own lives we aim to live more sustainably by practicing the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We invite all Hout Bay residents to practice the 3Rs, to join in any of our zero waste ventures, to create your own waste reduction projects, to offer your gifts to serve both the environment and community, as well as, to enjoy the fruits of your generosity. All those who practice aspects of the 3Rs is are automatically members…  it is a way of life.

THRIVE is working to make the community a better place to live through encouraging community involvement, fostering individual commitment and facilitating empowered action. We want to make it easy for you to get involved in whatever way possible.

Below are some ways that you can participate in this exciting waste venture:

Inform yourself; we will be adding links to useful information on waste:

  • In your own backyard; simple suggestions for household change:
  • Separate recycleable and non-recycleable waste and either drop off recycling at the Hout Bay Recycling co-op depot at the base of Imizamo Yethu or make use of your curbside collection service
  • Set up a compost, worm, or bokashi bin to turn your food scraps into compost
  • Reduce the amount of packaging intensive items you buy- ie opt for loose vegetables and fruit
  • Reuse packaging and other “waste” materials

With THRIVE; things you can work with us on with waste (sign on to our newsletter and blog for constant updates):

Visit Hout Bay Recycling co-op and waste depot to meet the faces/learn more about their services
Donate “rewards” to the uphinda phindo! enterprise (clothing at a number of bins across Hout Bay, vouchers if you are a business owner, etc)