Biodiversity Preservation

Protest to save wetlands at Beach Club – Kronendal Eco Club.

To support a thriving and bio-diverse environment Thrive mentors participate in and encourage restoration of natural areas in our environment.

For example during August 2011 Thrive mentors, in conjunction with Kronendal Primary Eco Club, invited Hout Bay residents to join a peaceful, silent, protest requesting that the City of Cape Town’s environmental custodians enforce the rehabilitation of an infilled section of wetland at the Disa River mouth on Princess Ave. This Thrive community action supported court action instituted by the Ratepayers Association of Hout Bay. The developer was forced to remove the rubble it had dumped in the wetlands and it’s plans to build more luxury housing in that area have been scrapped.

At present Thrive mentors support and wish to encourage the community to participate in the Ambleside School of Hout Bay’s wetland restoration project.