About Thrive


To be a leading model in the development and promotion of environmentally sustainable living practices which enhance the health, social wellbeing and economic viability of local communities.


Thrive’s Mission is to promote environmental sustainability through five pillars or goals: 

Grow Local Food, Minimise Waste, Preserve Biodiversity, Protect Water, Conserve Energy    


Thrive achieves its Mission and Vision through a two-tiered approach:

Sustainable  Schools Program

Eco Heroes Curriculum

Enviro Quiz/Art program

Enviro Audit

Food Gardens and Biodiversity Gardens

Activities and Outings


Sustainable Communities Program

Food Gardens and Composting

Biodiversity Gardens

Biodiversity Preservation Project

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Water and Energy Conservation

Pillars of Sustainability

In partnership with local schools and community based organisations, Thrive aims to educate and mobilize the learners and adults living in Hout Bay to raise awareness about the challenges facing our natural environment, globally and at home. We mentor and share practical solutions, focusing on the five pillars of sustainability:

Grow Local Food

Minimise Waste

Preserve Biodiversity

Protect Water

Conserve Energy 

Engaging Schools and the Community

Through the Sustainable Schools Program, Thrive has engaged the community of Hout Bay and surrounds to review and reduce their eco footprint, starting with learners and their families.  This is done specifically through the Eco Hero Curriculum, the Enviro Audit and the annual Enviro QuizArt competition. School gardens are a focus of learning about recycling, reducing, reusing and repurposing. This is visible in the use of container gardening using recycled items, composting of green waste and the role played by worm farms in that process. Learners are taught to value seeds, and how to germinate and plant seedlings.

Thrive also engages with residents of Hout Bay and CBOs through our Sustainable Communities Program, by way of household surveys, community meetings, projects to create green spaces, waste collection walkabouts. Our team shares knowledge about responsible management of household waste, separation at source and reuse of valuable resources, such as green waste for gardens and recyclable plastic for income.

We also talk to residents about the importance of the indigineous plants around them. Thrive has a flourishing tunnel and hothouse at Valley Nursery, and we share resources and know-how with all who show an interest in starting vegetable and biodiversity gardens.

Zero Waste

Local Food

Water Wise

Energy Efficiency

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