Enviro Audit and Quiz/Art Competition

The Thrive Enviro Audit and Enviro Quiz/Art Competition are exciting annual events held for participating schools in Hout Bay. Schools outside of Hout Bay are invited to join in for the Quiz/Art Competition in the third term. EnviroArt Wall Pieces are made out of recycled material in line with the annual Theme. Please contact

Eco Hero Curriculum

The Eco Hero Curriculum is a comprehensive school program, structured around the five pillars of Waste, Biodiversity, Local Food, Water and Energy. The curriculum can be downloaded and used by all schools, as an extra mural activity or as part of their Life Orientation Program. For further information or support, contact

Sustainable Schools Outings

Enviro outings are held regularly throughout the year. Contact for further information.


Most Recent Sustainable Communities Program Reports

20190531 Thrive SC Q1 Report 2019-2020 lores

Community Information Sessions

Thrive takes a collaborative approach and conducts frequent community meetings, information sessions and household surveys to engage the community in waste management projects.

Composting Workshop

At Thrive composting workshops, expect to have a hands-on composting experience and learn easy ways of how to compost, worm farm and add value to your soil.

Community Projects

Thrive conducts exciting and effective community projects to demonstrate the Thrive model of sustainability. One such is the Penzance Forest Green Space project.