2019 Thrive EnviroAudit Presentation Event

The Thrive Enviro Audit presentations were held on Friday 19 July at the Kronendal Primary Library. Hout Bay High and Kronendal Primary Schools both made outstanding presentation and earned high marks to add to their scoresheets. For information, please contact nontsiki@thrive.org.za

View Thrive’s Power Point presentation for the 2019 Enviro Program.

Thrive Enviro Audit

To assist schools in their journey to greener functioning and adoption of more sustainable practices in the 5 Thrive Pillars of sustainability, Thrive conducts an annual Enviro Audit. Schools may then see how they fare in comparison to other schools, where they have space for improvement, how improvements may be made and ultimately, the greenest schools are rewarded for their efforts. In the judging, auditors look at how well waste, water and energy is managed on a day to day basis and assess the school gardens to see if they are waterwise and include biodiversity. They assess the quality of the school compost heaps and worm farms and measure both the quality and quantity of food grown in the veggie garden and fruit and nut orchard. Five schools are selected into the final round where learners make presentations of their schools environmental achievements and plans for greening their school. The community is encouraged to use this Thrive Enviro Audit to audit their own homes and find practical ways of reducing their eco footprint. Download the Thrive Award Scoresheet.